Policies and Procedures

Take the CBTF Student Orientation (less than 15 minutes).  Learn about the CBTF and PrairieLearn and be better prepared for your first exam in the CBTF.

CBTF Student Orientation

Please note that exams can only be taken on the scheduled date and time, and failure to complete the proper check-in process with a proctor will result in no credit being awarded for the exam taken.

Before Your Exam

To ensure a smooth testing experience, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled test time and wait in the designated hall area for instructions from the proctor. It is important to familiarize yourself with your UIUC login credentials (NetID and password) used to access your student accounts before arriving at the lab.

iCard and Illinois App

For check-in purposes, it is mandatory to present your i-Card or the Illinois APP at the CBTF. Please note that failure to consistently bring your i-Card or the Illinois APP may result in the proctors canceling your exam. In such cases, you will have the opportunity to reschedule your exam once you have your i-Card readily available.

Arriving Late to an Exam

Please be aware that no additional time will be allotted for latecomers. It is important to note that the system will not allow proctors to check in students who arrive 10 minutes after the exam has started.

 The CBTF strongly recommends using the bathroom before your exam begins.


The bathroom use policy is dependent on the length of your CBTF exam.

50-minute exams

Students taking 50-minute exams are permitted to use the bathroom, but once they leave the exam room, they will not be permitted to continue their exam.

If a student needs to use the restroom, they will be permitted to use the restroom and then an incident report will be filed with their course staff.  It will then depend on course policies and the discretion of the course staff to decide if the student will be able to make a new reservation to continue an exam.

Exams longer than 50 minutes 

Students taking exams longer than 50 minutes are permitted to use the bathroom and will be permitted to continue their exam, but course staff will be notified that the student left the exam room during their exam.  

When exiting the exam room and returning to their exam, the following policies apply.

  • Only 1 student at a time is permitted to exit the room to use the bathroom.
  • Students will need to empty their pockets when leaving the lab and when returning
  • Talking to anyone while outside of the exam room or accessing any materials is considered cheating and will be reported through the FAIR system
  • The CBTF reserves the right to monitor students as they go to and return from the bathroom

Testing Accommodations

If a student has a documented testing accommodation pertaining to access to the bathroom during an exam, they will be permitted to use the bathroom and continue their exam.  Their course staff will not be notified unless it is believed that an academic integrity violation occurred while the student was out of the exam room.

Here are the guidelines for student items brought to the CBTF:

Lost or stolen items

Please note that the CBTF is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. It's important to keep in mind that you bring valuable belongings to the testing facility at your own risk.

Baseball Caps

Proper baseball cap etiquette entails wearing the cap with the brim facing backward or securely storing it in your book bag.

Book Bags and Personal Items

In the interest of safety, it is required that book bags and other personal items be placed on designated racks rather than being left on the floor.


 Personal calculators are not permitted inside the CBTF. Instead, we request that you utilize the calculators provided by the CBTF.

Coffee Cups, Water Bottles, etc.

For the comfort and convenience of everyone, we kindly ask that no drinks be brought into the CBTF. Water bottles should be safely stored in your book bag, while coffee cups can be placed on the proctor desk. This policy is in place to avoid any accidental spills that have caused inconvenience in the past. Thank you for your cooperation in creating a pleasant testing environment for all.


Food consumption is strictly prohibited within the (CBTF).

Writing Utensils

We highly encourage students to bring their own pen or pencil for their testing needs. However, if you are unable to do so, the CBTF provides golf pencils for your use.


Skateboards should be stored under the bag racks. They should not be propped up on any of the walls or supply closets.

Scratch Paper

You can only use the scratch paper provided by the CBTF. Scratch paper cannot leave the CBTF. Please only take 2 sheets at check-in and alert a proctor if you need more.

Unused Scratch Paper

Please return clean, unused scratch paper to the stack for others to use. Let's save paper and trees!

Unworn Sweaters, Jackets

It is advised to store these items within your book bag or drape them at the back of your seat. Kindly refrain from placing sweaters on laps as it is not permitted.

Wallets, Pencil Cases, etc.

In order to maintain a suitable testing environment, it is necessary to store wallets, pencil cases, and other personal items either in book bags or on the proctor desk. Please make sure your desk remains clear, with only essential items such as a CBTF calculator, scratch paper, and a writing utensil. By following these guidelines, we can create an environment that is conducive to effective and focused examination conditions.

Calculators and scratch paper are provide by the CBTF.

Calculators Each workstation in the CBTF has a Texas Instrument TI-34 MultiView physical calculator available for use. These are available for any exam and should be kept at the workstation.

Students are not allowed to use their own calculators or other electronic devices.

Scratch paper 

In the CBTF labs, you can find scratch paper available for your use. Just grab it from the tray on the proctor's desk, but remember not to take more than two sheets. If you need additional scratch paper during your exam, simply ask a proctor.

Please do not bring your own scratch paper or take CBTF-provided scratch paper outside the lab. Make sure to recycle any used paper within the lab.

Remember, writing on scratch paper before the exam starts is not allowed.

Writing utensils - Please bring your own pen or pencil for exams.

If you missed an exam and the testing window is still open, you will need to speak with a proctor inside one of the CBTF labs to request that your reservation be deleted.  Once your reservation is deleted you can then make a new reservation in the PrairieTest.

If you missed an exam and the testing window has closed, you will need to contact your instructor to arrange an extended testing window.  CBTF staff cannot extend the testing window.

The CBTF provides TI-34 calculators for every exam.  Personal calculators are not permitted and the Windows calculator is not available on the CBTF computers.

Please take time before your first exam to familiarize yourself with the calculator that you will have in the CBTF.

We strictly adhere to the university's Academic Integrity Rules, as outlined in Article 1, Part 4, Academic Integrity, of the Student Code.

Security Cameras

To ensure test security and uphold fairness, the CBTF is equipped with surveillance cameras and overseen by proctors.

Suspicious Behavior

Proctors will diligently document and report any instances of suspicious behavior within the CBTF. If you observe any such behavior, please report it directly to a proctor for further action. 

Reportable Misconduct

Any illicit behavior observed within the CBTF will be promptly reported to the relevant course staff. The following instances are categorized as cheating offenses and engaging in any of these activities will initiate a comprehensive investigation, potentially resulting in the submission of an Academic Integrity Report to your Instructor:

  1. Utilizing a cellphone, smartwatch, or any other electronic device during an examination.
  2. Bringing in external papers, index cards, scratch paper, unauthorized Help Sheets, or any materials containing information related to the exam.
  3. Using a calculator that was not provided by the CBTF.
  4. Exiting the laboratory premises while in possession of used or unused scratch paper supplied by the CBTF.
  5. Initiating the examination before receiving authorization from the proctor.
  6. Continuing to work on the exam even after the designated end time has been announced.
  7. Engaging in any other activities that contravene the guidelines outlined for Academic Integrity.

In case you encounter any challenges during the exam, kindly raise your hand, and a proctor will promptly provide assistance. However, please note that proctors are unable to address questions specific to the content of your test. It is advised that you exercise your best judgment when seeking guidance.

Incident Reports

Occasionally, unforeseen issues may arise during the testing process. Should you encounter any problems, you have the right to request the filing of an incident report. This report will be forwarded via email to your instructor, informing them of the specific issue you experienced. To ensure proper documentation, it is essential that you consult with a proctor and submit your incident report before concluding your exam.

Additionally, students have the option to report any concerns regarding exam questions through PrairieTest directly. Each question provides the opportunity to report an issue, which is then directly communicated to your professor for further action.

Computers and Software

CBTF computers are  Windows based systems that are only equipped with a web browser.  No additional software (MATLAB, Python, Excel, etc) are available on the computers.

All software that is need for an exam is provided through PrairieLearn.

To use the computers, you will need to know your UIUC login credentials (the same NetID and password you use to log into your student accounts).

If you inadvertently leave any personal belongings, such as your iCard, wallet, water bottle, or other items, at the CBTF, rest assured that we will securely store them until the facility's closure at 10pm. Subsequently, these items will be transferred to the Grainger Library Lost & Found, located at the Circulation Desk on the First Floor. You can retrieve your belongings during the open hours of Grainger Library. 

Scratch Paper

As per the exam guidelines, students are requested to refrain from writing on scratch paper before the official beginning of the exam. This helps maintain a standardized and fair testing environment for all participants.

Logging Out

For security purposes and as a courtesy to the subsequent test-taker, it is kindly requested that you log out of the CBTF computers.

Disruptive Behavior

Please be mindful of others around you. Talking is not allowed before or during the exams. Kindly lower your voice while waiting in the hallway, as there might be students still taking their exams in the facility. Thank you for your cooperation.

Restroom Breaks

We recommend using the restroom before entering the CBTF. However, if you need to use the restroom during the exam, please follow the procedure. Sign the Restroom Log, empty your pockets at the proctor table, and show that your pockets are empty when you return. Please keep in mind that no extra time will be provided for restroom breaks.


Lab Policies


Students are permitted to access food and drinks at the proctor's desk or at the bag racks at any time during an exam.  To help ensure that your exam or another student's exam is not interrupted, we do not permit food and drink to be brought to student desks.

Restroom Breaks

Policies guiding use of the bathroom during an exam session are the same as the policies observed throughout the semester.  Please refer to the "Bathrooms" section for more information.

Cellphones and Other Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones, smart devices, and other electronic devices is strictly prohibited within the testing area. It is mandatory to store such devices in your book bags or the designated bins provided for this purpose. 

Personal Items

As per the regulations, all personal belongings must be securely stored in your book bag. It is essential to ensure that no items are placed on top of your table, with the exception of a pencil and scratch paper provided by CBTF.

Conflict Requests

If you require a conflict time for scheduling a final exam, kindly reach out to your instructor for assistance. Please note that CBTF proctors are unable to accommodate or assist with scheduling exams that fall outside of the designated testing window.


I can't find a reservation time!

We understand the challenges you may be facing in finding a reservation time for finals, and we sincerely apologize for any stress this may have caused. We would like to offer some suggestions to help you in this situation:

  1. Continuously check for available spots: Our team is actively working to open up additional reservation slots. Please keep checking the system as spots may become available due to other students making changes to their reservations. 
  2. Consider showing up to our labs when you're available: While this approach comes with uncertainty, you can come to one of our labs at the designated check-in time and inquire if there are any open spots due to no-shows or cancellations. Please note that during finals, the wait time for this option is extended to 30 minutes. Regrettably, this additional wait time cannot be added to your total testing duration.
  3. Stay calm and focused: We, along with your instructors, share the common goal of ensuring that you are able to take your exams. We are committed to assisting you in finding a solution. We encourage you not to panic, do your best to secure a spot (and consider reserving earlier in the future), and rest assured that we will work closely with you to explore alternatives.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this demanding period, and we are dedicated to supporting you in completing your exams successfully.

I'm struggling.

We understand the challenges you may be facing during this demanding time of the semester and the year. It is crucial to prioritize your well-being, both mentally and physically. The Counseling Center provides a range of valuable resources to support you, including: 

McKinley Health Center offers: