Exam Scheduling

Exam Scheduling

A call for participation is distributed each semester to determine the testing schedules for the upcoming semester.  The CBTF is constrained by space and cannot always accommodate every request.  Courses that have historically tested in the CBTF and who plan to utilize the same testing schedule (testing frequency, length of exams, week during the semester) are prioritized when scheduling.  Courses new to the CBTF or requests to alter exam schedules are accommodated based on CBTF capacity.  This policy allows us to provide a reasonable assurance to courses that have already transitioned to utilizing the CBTF that they will continue to have access.  

When scheduling, the CBTF reserves the right to limit or ask for modifications to exam schedules (number of exams or timing of exams) to facilitate the successful operation and distribution of CBTF resources.

CBTF admins will make the courses’s exam schedule available to them in PrairieTest. Instructors will need to confirm the schedule, or request changes.

Changing or removing an exam

If an instructor ever needs to cancel or alter an exam schedule, they should contact the admins (cbtf@illinois.edu). It’s preferable to make these changes before the students make reservations for that exam, but we can handle each case as they come in.

Final Exams

Final exams are scheduled independently from the rest of the semester repeating exams. This scheduling typically starts mid-semester through polling the instructors about their final exam plans.

The CBTF offers two final exam options

  •  1hr and 50min final exams - These are held in the CBTF similar to exams throughout the semetser.
  • 3 hr Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) exams - The CBTF arranges for rooms on campus and provides logistical support but students bring their own laptops and course staff is responsible for the proctors.

Missed Exams / Conflict Exams

CBTF proctors are able to help a student reschedule a missed exam if there is still time in the testing window.  If the testing window has closed, students will need to contact their instructor to arrange a conflict exam time in the CBTF. CBTF proctors are not able to schedule exams outside of the testing window. Please see Missed / Conflict Exams for more information. 

Campus Exam Scheduling Policies

CBTF exam windows are designed to comply with examination guidelines outlined in the student code. Exam windows in the CBTF cover multiple days to provide students with opportunities to select the exam time that will work best for them and with their schedules.  When exam windows include weekend testing options, options for testing during the week are also intentionally included Testing is not conducted during campus holidays, breaks,  or during any other times in which testing is prohibited.