Proficiency Exams

Proficiency Exams

The CBTF facilitates proficiency exams for the Departments of Computer Science and Physics.  Please refer to the the departmental websites listed below for specific information about the exams and registration procedures.  

CS Proficiency Exam Information

Physics Proficiency Exam Information

The information below will answer questions about the CBTF, what you will need for you exam, and what to expect when you are testing in the CBTF.

To see your exam reservations or make new reservations, log in to the reservation system:

PrairieTest Login

You are able to change and delete reservations any time before your scheduled exam.  If you miss a reservation, you will need to visit a CBTF lab to have your missed reservation deleted before you will be able to make a new reservation.

Making Reservations

After logging into PrairieTest, click the green "Make a reservation" button under the "Exams available for reservations".  After clicking this button you will see all of the available reservations times during your exam window.  Click the green "Reserve this session" to register for an exam.

Changing Reservations

To change or delete a reservation, click on your existing reservation in PrairieTest and click the green "Change or delete this reservation" button.


You can only take your exam on the date and time you scheduled it. You will not receive credit for an exam you take without the proper check–in with a proctor.

Before Your Exam

Arrive 10-15 minutes before the test and wait in the hall for instructions from the proctor. Ensure that you know your UIUC login credentials (the same NetID and password you use to log into your student accounts) prior to coming to the lab.

iCard and Illinois App

Your i-Card of Illinois APP is required for check in. If you consistently come to the CBTF without an i-Card or the Illinois APP, the proctors are authorized to cancel your exam which you can reschedule once you have your i-Card on hand.

Arriving Late to an Exam

No extra time is given for latecomers. The system will not let proctors check students in 10 minutes after the exam has begun.

We have two labs for testing: Grainger Library 057 and Digital Computer Lab (DCL) L520. Both are basement rooms.

Grainger Library

1301 W Springfield Ave

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 10am - 10pm

Saturday - Sunday: Noon - 10pm


Digital Computing Lab

1304 W Springfield Ave

Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday: Noon - 10pm


Student Items

During your exam, you are only allowed to have writing utensil with you.  All other items (bags, cell phones, smartwatches, etc. need to be left at the proctor desk or on the shelves by the door.

The CBTF is not liable for any lost or stolen items. Bring valuables to the testing facility at your own risk.

Exam Items

The CBTF provides scratch paper and calculators for exams. 

Calculators - Each workstation in the CBTF has a Texas Instrument TI-34 MultiView physical calculator available for use. These are available for any exam and should be kept at the workstation.

Students are not allowed to use their own calculators or other electronic devices.

Full List of Policies and Procedures

The full list of policies and procedures can be found here.  Please  read through this information carefully before arriving for your exam.

If you require testing accommodations, you will need to have an approved letter of accommodations from the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services.  Once you have your letter of accommodation, please submit that to the CBTF through our website so that we can add the accommodations to your profile.  

Please note:

  • It can take up to 5 days for your accommodations to be added to your profile.
  • Accommodations will only be applied to reservations made after your profile has been updated.  If you registered on PrairieTest before your reservations were added to your profile, you will need to make a new reservation.

Upload your DRES LOA Here

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

Check our FAQ.
You can find questions about exam scheduling and CBTF policies.
Visit a CBTF Lab
Most student questions regarding the CBTF can be answered by speaking to the proctors.  Visit one of our two labs: Grainger Library 057 and Digital Computer Lab (DCL) L520 to speak with a proctor. They will also be able to assist you in rescheduling an exam. Questions about exam content should be directed to the course staff.
We will provide a personal response to email within 2 business day during the normal academic calendar.  If you need immediate assistance, please visit a CBTF lab and speak with a proctor. 

The CBTF does not have access to exam scores and cannot provide guidance about what happens next in the process. 
All questions about your exam results or next steps should be directed to the department offering the proficiency exam. Please refer to the department websites listed below or contact the department directly with questions.