Making / Changing / Deleting Exam Reservations

To see your exam reservations or make new reservations, log in to the reservation system:

PrairieTest Login

You are able to change and delete reservations any time before your scheduled exam.  If you miss a reservation, you will need to visit a CBTF lab to have your missed reservation deleted before you will be able to make a new reservation.

Making Reservations

After logging into PrairieTest, click the green "Make a reservation" button under the "Exams available for reservations".  After clicking this button you will see all of the available reservations times during your exam window.  Click the green "Reserve this session" to register for an exam.

Changing and Deleting Reservations

To change or delete a reservation, click on your existing reservation in PrairieTest and click the green "Change or delete this reservation" button.