Operational Philosophy

The administrators of the CBTF employ these values as guiding principles in the process of decision-making.


Students should have a safe place to take their tests.

  • Establishing structured routines and ensuring consistent implementation are key strategies aimed at fostering equitable experiences for all individuals involved.
  • Make a dedicated effort to maintain the academic integrity of the exam(s) by staying vigilant and actively preventing cheating.

To ensure a comprehensive approach towards enhancing satisfaction, prioritize maximizing student satisfaction first, followed by instructor satisfaction and staff satisfaction.

  • Promote proactive problem-solving by addressing the potential chain of dissatisfaction, with unhappy students reaching out to unhappy instructors who, in turn, escalate concerns to the administrators.
  • Create exam schedules that prioritize providing students with a wide range of options, allowing them to select preferred exam times whenever possible.
  • We make diligent efforts to accommodate the needs of students requiring (DRES) support within our facilities, exploring available options before resorting to referral to the DRES Testing Center.
Ensure effective communication with the instructor while minimizing their required level of involvement to maintain streamlined processes.

Students possess the autonomy to schedule or reschedule without necessitating direct involvement from the instructor.

  • Proctors will make diligent efforts to address incidents involving students or the exam while minimizing disruption to the instructor, as outlined in the "Missed/Conflict Exams" documentation for further information.
  • "Enhancing instructor time effectiveness" is a fundamental aspect we prioritize.
  • Instructors are granted comprehensive access to the scheduling data pertaining to their respective students.

Continuously study and seek opportunities for improvement as we move forward with our endeavors.
  • We approach the pilot of computer-based testing with a receptive mindset, embracing new challenges, discoveries, and resolutions. Acknowledging that not every situation can be anticipated in advance, we remain prepared to adapt and expand our approaches accordingly.
  • We consistently welcome feedback from both students and instructors, valuing their input as we strive to enhance and optimize the overall experience.
  • We will engage in introspection by carefully analyzing the observations and data collected to drive continuous improvement within the CBTF. For example, we will closely examine student scheduling preferences to inform the development of future exam schedules.