Academic Integrity

Handling Reportable Incidents

  • In reportable instances of cheating, the CBTF head proctors will write a report documenting the incident, combining information gathered by proctors, documentation of communications with the student, and footage from the security cameras.
  • The head proctors will submit the report to the CBTF admins for approval which will then be uploaded to FAIR directly. We hope to make this process as convenient as possible for you.
  • You will get an email notification once the report is successfully uploaded to FAIR. You can decide how you would like to proceed. More information is available on the FAIR website.

Handling Minor Incidents

Given the limited view available to proctors during online testing, proctors will look at irregular behaviors over several testing sessions to determine if the student is deliberately trying to access unauthorized information. If a pattern of behavior is established, proctors will move forward with a FAIR report.

Please view the Instructors’ Quick Reference Guide to Academic Integrity for more information.