CBTF Advisory Council

The CBTF Coordinator is responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures concerning daily operations of the CBTF labs and the development of long-term strategic objectives of the CBTF.

Beginning in 2023, the CBTF Advisory Council was formed to provide additional guidance from CBTF stakeholders in matters concerning policies, procedures, and strategic planning for the CBTF.  This group is composed of 10 members and represents faculty and students who utilize the CBTF.  

CBTF Advisory Council Members:

  • Yuting Chen (Co-Chair)
  • Jim Sosnowski (Co-Chair)
  • Elaine Schulte
  • Chris Tessum
  • Tina Huang
  • Dave Mussulman
  • Matt West
  • Julie Baker
  • Sylvia Merz
  • Jacob Levine

For more information about the CBTF Advisory Council, read the full charter here.