The DIY Option

The CBTF can provide minimal training to course TAs and let them run all exams for their courses under the supervision of the course instructor, with no supervision from the CBTF. The instructor and/or TA manages all conflicts and DRES accommodations.

This would work well for small courses (under 100 students) and would provide the instructor with a lot of control. Two trained proctors can check in 100 students in approximately 15 minutes.  For larger classes or inexperienced proctors, you should anticipate longer check-in times.

The workshop covers:

  • Possible workflow for proctoring
  • Zoom proctor settings
  • Ideal camera set up for Zoom
  • Suggested proctor scripts – start of exam, time reminders
  • Troubleshooting for typical issues encountered during online exams
  • Potential problems – logistics, proctor illness, student conflicts
  • Documentation – TA info, TA-section assignments, Zoom links (recurring, one-off)
  • Email templates for warnings and scheduling confirmations
  • Communications
  • Typical student issues encountered
  • Practice exams

ID Scanners

If you would like to purchase ID scanners for PrairieTest, the CBTF recommends the Idtech IDMB-334102b MiniMag II MagStripe Reader.

ID scanners can also be borrowed from the CBTF free of charge by emailing

Shared Resources

Our shared documents, including editable documents, are available in Box.

Spring 2021 Workshop

Recording of the Spring 2021 Workshop: CBTF Online Best Practices SP21 Workshop

Fall 2021 PrairieTest Workshop

Recording of the Fall 2021 PrairieTest Workshop: PrairieTest FA21 Workshop