Exam Procedure

Please be familiar with the facility guidelines before coming to the CBTF for your exams.

Before Your Exam

Arrive 10-15 minutes before the test and wait in the hall for instructions from the proctor.

i-Card and Illinois APP

Your i-Card of Illinois APP is required for check in. If you consistently come to the CBTF without an i-Card or the Illinois APP, the proctors are authorized to cancel your exam which you can reschedule once you have your i-Card on hand.


You can only take your exam on the date and time you scheduled it. You will not receive credit for an exam you take without the proper check–in with a proctor.

Arriving Late to an Exam

No extra time is given for latecomers. The system will not let proctors check students in 10 minutes after the exam has begun.

Assigned Seats

You must sit at the seat you were assigned to at check-in.


Cellphones MUST be put on silent and stored in your book bag or on the bin provided on the proctor table. They should not be on your person once you are seated at the workstation.

Other Electronic Devices

Headphones, Bluetooth devices, smartwatches, and all other electronic devices must be stored in your book bag or in the bin provided on the proctor table. These may not be used once you are seated. Any electronic devices found with you or on your workstation desk will be taken to the proctor table for storage until you retrieve them at the end of the exam.

Personal Items

Wallets, keys, pencil cases, eyeglass cases, sweaters, hats, watches, food, water bottles, etc. should be kept in your book bags. Nothing should be placed on top of the table except for your pencil and CBTF scratch paper.

Exam Materials

Calculators Each workstation in the CBTF has a Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS physical calculator available for use. These are available for any exam and should be kept at the workstation.

Students are not allowed to use their own calculators or other electronic devices.

Scratch paperScratch paper is provided in the CBTF labs and can be picked up from the tray on the proctor desk. We ask that you take no more than two sheets. If you need more scratch paper during your exam, please ask a proctor.

DO NOT bring your own scratch paper to your seat or take CBTF scratch paper out of the lab. Recycle used paper inside the lab.

Writing utensils - Please bring your own pen or pencil for exams.

Logging Out

For security reasons and as a courtesy to the next test-taker, please log out of the CBTF computers.

Disruptive Behavior

Be considerate of the people around you. Talking is not permitted before or during the exams. Please lower your voices while waiting outside in the hallway. Often, there are still students doing their exams in the facility.

Restroom Breaks

Use the restroom before you enter the CBTF. But if you must go to the restroom, sign the Restroom Log, empty your pockets at the proctor table and show empty pockets when you return. No extra time will be given for restroom breaks.